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release strategy

Releasing singles rather than whole albums IS a more effective and profitable way for musicians to get their music out to the public in the current music industry landscape. the music industry has changed and it's often more effective for musicians to release singles, as it allows them to get their music out to the public more quickly and easily. Singles are also easier to promote, require fewer resources (Most publications simply do not have the time for full album coverage), and allow musicians to experiment with different sounds and styles. In the streaming era, musicains can earn more per stream this way. Additionally, regularly releasing music influences the algorithms on streaming platforms and increases the chances of their songs being recommended to listeners, as the algorithms are more likely to recognize them as active and relevant. Overall, releasing singles allows musicians to be more agile and responsive to changes in the music industry.

Campaign Timeline:

Note: The following timeline assumes the release date of the single is 8 weeks from the campaign start (recommended).

Week 1 - Preparation (8 Weeks Prior to Release):

  1. Choose Release Date:

    • Decide on the release date for your single, allowing ample time for promotion.

  2. Artwork Creation:

    • Create visually appealing and on-brand artwork for your single.

  3. Distribution Selection:

    • Research and select suitable distributors for digital and physical distribution.

  4. Performance Rights Organizations:

    • Register your single with performance rights organizations (e.g., ASCAP, BMI).

  5. Press Materials Preparation:

    • Draft a press release, artist bio, and other promotional materials.

  6. High-Quality Photos:

    • Organize 3-4 high-quality photos for exclusive features and promotional use.

    • For a more comprehensive guide, click here.


Week 2 - Social Media Planning:

  1. Pre-Save Campaign:

    • Create a pre-order campaign to build anticipation.

  2. Social Media:

    • Develop a detailed social media plan with a focus on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

    • Plan daily posts, incorporating key hashtags to generate buzz.


Week 3 - Press Outreach and Playlist Promotion:

  1. Social Media Promotion:

    • Start promoting your single on social media as per the plan from Week 2.

  2. Press Materials Submission:

    • Finalize press materials and send them to press outlets and music blogs.

    • Personalize outreach emails for authenticity.

  3. Playlist and Influencer Outreach:

    • Reach out to playlist curators and influencers for playlist inclusion.

    • Focus on organic relationships; avoid paid promotion.


Week 4 - 6 - Continued Promotion and Engagement:

  1. Social Media Engagement:

    • Continue promoting the single on social media platforms.

    • Interact with fans, reply to comments, and encourage shares.

  2. Release Celebration:

    • Consider hosting a virtual release party or livestream event.

    • Engage with fans and offer behind-the-scenes insights.

  3. Fan Engagement:

    • Reward dedicated fans with exclusive content or experiences.


Week 6 - 8 - Post-Release Analysis and Continued Promotion:

  1. Analyze Performance:

    • Evaluate the success of the release and adjust promotion strategy if needed.

    • Review streaming data, social media engagement, and press coverage.

  2. Additional Content Release:

    • Share supplementary content like lyric videos or behind-the-scenes footage.

  3. Celebrate and Plan:

    • Celebrate the success of your single's release.

    • Begin planning for your next release and continue engaging with your audience.

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