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“Effervescent, lightly warped funky dance-pop with irrepressible grooves from Gorgeous Dykes.”

- Bandcamp's New and Notable, March 2023

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Gorgeous Dykes is an electronic duo consisting of girlfriends Ana and Lucy. The pair first crossed paths in Los Angeles in 2018, and it was clear from the start that their shared passion for music would lead to something special.
Starting out with a sound rooted in house and post-punk, Gorgeous Dykes has since expanded their palette to include elements of funk and techno, as they've honed their skills as producers and composers.
Gorgeous Dykes is dedicated to continually pushing the boundaries of their sound and releasing a steady stream of music for their fans to enjoy.

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Gorgeous Dykes is an electropop duo made up of the talented and dynamic Ana and Lucy, two girlfriends who met in Los Angeles back in 2018 and quickly discovered their shared passion for music. Their chance encounter would soon lead to the creation of a musical project that has captured the hearts of many fans in the electronic music scene. The duo's journey as musicians started with a sound that was firmly rooted in post-punk, but as they continued to grow and hone their skills as producers and composers, they expanded their musical palette to include elements of house, funk, and electropop. Their versatility as artists is evident in the release of their new single "Aine’s Gate," which is set to be the first track off their highly anticipated EP. The single highlights Gorgeous Dykes's dynamic sound and gives a glimpse into what they have to offer as a rising electronic music act. At the heart of what Gorgeous Dykes does is a drive to innovate and experiment with their sound, constantly pushing the envelope and giving their fans a steady stream of music to enjoy. Beyond the music, they are dedicated to empowering and uplifting their listeners, particularly those who embrace their individuality and embrace their feminine energy. To build a supportive and inclusive community, Gorgeous Dykes intends to use social media to connect with fans and engage them with fresh content and live streams. As they continue to rise in the music world, Gorgeous Dykes aims to use their platform to make a positive impact and inspire change in the world.

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“...they create a retro-futuristic sonic utopia that is sweet and edgy at the same time”
- Glam Glare, March 2023

“Gorgeous Dykes make music that would be at home on the Party Girl soundtrack or would fit well side by side between Frankie Knuckles or singles on the Moby Dick label. ‘No Approval’ is music full of color, community, and built to make you move.”
- M.T., God is in the TV, May 2022

“...they create a colorful bouquet of boppy and upbeat Dream Pop that contains a deeply important and empowering message. Like the protagonist of the single, Gorgeous Dykes encourage their listeners to be themselves, to accept themselves, and to grow within a loving community in which this liberty is granted.”
- Mango Wave, May 2022

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Ana - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Synths

Lucy - Bass, Synths, Guitar, Vocals

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