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Marginalized artists need all the help they can get in the music industry - this was created with love and care in hopes of providing affordable services and education with the goal of keeping artists engaged in their work and not overwhelmed with the politics and mysteries of how to hold their own in this industry.


Magus Wave operates primarily as a consultancy firm, providing comprehensive expertise in Marketing, Promotions, and PR, Situated in Los Angeles, CA. with a focus that lies in tailoring bespoke solutions for each unique artist, the range of services encompasses traditional PR, Artist Development, and specialized release Campaigns. magus wave also assists with inclusive and secure line-up bookings and promotions for musicians, with extended offerings to include photography and videography services whenever possible.


founder Ana ayon is a music industry professional With over six years of experience in marketing, public relations, and artist development. her proficiency in content marketing, campaign development, and stakeholder engagement allows her to optimize various aspects of an artist's journey. Additionally, she has gained valuable insights and hands-on experience through her internships at independent record labels, working at music publishing & management companies, along with  an  education through  NYU Tischart and Public Policy: Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. she is currently a musician herself and a Marketing Operations Specialist at EveryDejavu Records.

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