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looking for support as you navigate a white, cis-hetero Male dominated music industry? Magus Wave is here to help.

offering personalized assistance to affordably help you overcome any barriers holding you back. everyone should have the opportunity to succeed – let magus wave be a part of your journey, helping you thrive and make a positive impact through your music. BIPOC MUSICIANS ARE HIGHLY PRIORITIZED AND ENCOURAGED TO REACH OUT.

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jessica dela cruz

I’ve been working with Magus Wave for almost a year now and really enjoy working with Ana!  She’s been a tremendous help with assisting me in getting my music career started.  I've learned a lot about the industry through her knowledge and experience.  As someone who’s had about zero experience releasing music and navigating the music scene, I felt a little overwhelmed trying to do it on my own and felt a bit directionless.  


One of the things I appreciate the most is that Ana really takes the time to do her research in helping me to come up with a personalized game-plan on how to reach my audience.  Exploring the ins-and-outs of the music industry feels a lot less intimidating and overwhelming, when you are working with people who provide a safe, kind, and warm environment, and Ana has been just that. So that is something I truly appreciate.  I am thankful for all the steps and accomplishments (big and small), and how far I’ve come so far since working with Magus Wave/Ana and look forward to what’s to come in my career as a musician/artist!

henry Mansfield

Working with Magus Wave changed my entire release. Ana is punctual, responsible, organized and knowledgeable. They offer their considerable wealth of knowledge freely with what feels like true dedication to helping small artists. A lot of PR firms nickel and dime you, but Ana is transparent and direct with her rates. I would highly, highly recommend any small artist consider working with Ana. Emailing radio stations and playlist curators is an extremely exhausting part of any release, and being able to hand it off to somebody capable like Ana felt like a weight had been lifted. I'm grateful for my time working with them, and I hope they can bring your project to new heights the way they did mine.

Let's Navigate the Industry's Trials Together, Shattering Barriers and Building a more Inclusive Community.

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